Inne i gresset

blir jeg bøyd

som et strå

          i sommervind.

Livet som var

gir meg jeget,

          og livet some er.

Det blir viktig

                    å gi etter,

                    og være seg selv.

Kjenne helheten.



er en grenseløs blå

Blanding av hav, himmel og snødekte fjell

En blå skumring,
hvor alt blir til ett

En enorm helhet

som en tur

en dag

Et helt liv

En følelse,
av en stille tilværelse



Keeping on expressing

           Words are the mirror

                            My hope

                    A desperate attempt

                     To feel connection


                    Another soul

Not only open

           But naked

                     Thin skinned

           Burning in the sun

Thank you for being there


                        Giving some sunblock

           Throwing back that bread



To follow the water

Is to touch the great ocean.

Feel the stream, the flow

Which is its daughter.


While all the other trees

Were standing still

This little one

Kept shivering

All alone

In the middle

The birds had build their nest on its branches



Clouds make a difference

Two worlds

Up in the sun

Down in the shadow

Light and dark

Red sky gives the color

And you wake up in your dream



Music is the connection

          your travel in time

Moments of existence

Mistakes made

          Right things to grow with

Believe in good

                     no outer

                              just you


          brings something new



This will change

Like the showers of the rain

comes and goes

also feelings


are impermanent

Like the rainbow

arises and passes away

The sun


Light draws the shadows


The clouds makes them vanish

The flow

This will also change



Have you ever been

to a silent place

when the wind

comes inn?

Touching the treetops


rolling on you

passing by.

Like a wave

dragging a new silence after.


water falling down

the rain washes

roads roofs and rocks

no dry holds

no shelter

slippery lines tells us stay home

play an other day

when all blossom after the rain

A horse wearing a coat the birds have taken our place seagulls feast on the beach we are crawling in the mud blowing away from the hilltops hiding indoor melting in the rain sheep stand it we bail weak who is strong steering the worlds go?



What is it,

to live a life?

To fill everyday with the happiness.

How do I know,

to do the right thing?

How do I learn all this,

The secrets of a life?




mulighetenes liv og död



og bli kjent



gjör inntrykk

tusen mulighet blir födt

like mange dör

i kveldens tåke

er det lov å håpe


***** *


En forlatt bil

Et tomt hus

En overgrodd sti

Ville roser og en stövete grusveg

Går mot det uendelige

Et stort tre, to

En rusten traktor

Ingen mennesker

Ingen ferske spor

Er det slutt?

Vegen fortsetter videre


***** **




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