En del bra buldring i Oppdal!

There is some alright bouldering in Oppdal. First in 2003 I cleaned and started to boulder on these rocks in Stølen, or Rønningen / Rønningsgrenda. Park at the “gamle kongevegen” parking in Stølen. All the boulders can be seen from the gamle kongevegen track. From parking to the 4th boulder “Svartsteinen” it’s roughly 1 km.

1st: Sheeprock

300 m from the parking. This boulder is very friendly and you can climb it all around and there is tens of variations. 7 mainlines.

Sheeprock, west

Lines from left to right: Saukanten, Crimpy sheep, Diagonalen.

Urpu on "saukanten"

Urpu on "diagonalen".

Sheeprock, south. Dean on "sharpsheep"

Sheeprock, east.

Lines from left to right: Steepsheep, Dean’s dream, Sheephole.

Urpu on "sheephole".

2nd: Kvitveggen

600 meters from the parking.

Kvitveggen, south.

5 lines on this side. 6 meters high. Take care! And watch out for loose rock.

Kvitveggen, east.

3 lines on this east facing slab.


Alittle play.

3rd: Solveggen

1 km from the parking. In Rønningen. Beautiful steep wall with some harder problems.

Solveggen, west.

Up to 5 lines.

Urpu on "tea break".

Solveggen, south.

3 easier lines here.

Juniper block.

2 easy low plays on this one.

Chossy block

Can give you a surprise.

4th: Svartsteinen

1,2 km from the parking.

Svartsteinen, south.

5 lines on this side. The obvious right one is called “cold feet”.

Svartsteinen, west.

2 steep lines here: Broken heart and Hope.

Urpu on "Broken heart".

Urpu trying the "Hope".


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