My name is Urpu Hapuoja. I’m living in Romsdalen in Norway and I am UIAGM / IFMGA / IVBV certified mountainguide. This education is organized by NORTIND in Norway.

I work full time as a mountainguide in my own company Urpu Hapuoja Ski & Mountainguiding, but I also freelance for many other companies in Norway. Every now and then I also instruct skiing. http://www.vuorille.wordpress.com is my working blog. Also   http://www.skiandmountainguide.wordpress.com  . In winter I also work for NVE in avalanche forecasting as an observer , http://www.varsom.no/snoskred .

When I’m not working I do all kind of climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Because of that I also travel quite a lot. I also read a lot and write some poetry.

I’m originally from a little town Ii in northern Finland, but I’ve been living in Norway since 1996. I used to live in Trondheim where I studied philosophy, sports and psychology in NTNU.


Artikkel 2013

Artikkel 2013

Intervju fra juli-16:




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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Frøydis

    Veldig stilig bilde av deg og kysten, forresten! 😉

  2. fos

    Ein Finsk blogg 🙂

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