Autumn travels

Posted On October 24, 2010

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October is good time to head on a good old roadtrip. This time we drove car all the way from Finland and Norway down to France. We stopped for a week in Bohuslän in Sweden to do some trad climbing. Conditions were good but a bit cold. From there we continued to Fontainebleau and enjoyed a week of beautiful bouldering in the forest. Happy to be there again, learning precise footwork and trying some harder problems too. Finding some peace of mind, time to think.

Now we are on the way down to Chamonix. We’ll see what the conditions are like and then decide if we stay there and do something up in the mountains or drive somewhere further south to climb sport.


Cul de Chien october 2009

Cul de Chien october 2009


One Response to “Autumn travels”

  1. Varpu


    onpa hyvä kun saa koko kesän katsauksen kerralla. Ihania kuvia ja kuulostaa hyvältä nuo kiipeilyreissut. Ja hauskaa matkaa sinne Ranskan maalle myös! Nähdänkö siis kuukauden päästä?

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