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Posted On December 11, 2008

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Now the trip is at its end. And of course, on a long trip like this not everyday is a sunshine and funny dance.  Sometimes the nights been -4’c cold and windy. It gets quite tough after while, specially when you have no tent and you get stomach problems. But yes, to sleep under a tree has its charm. As long as it is not raining…

Some days are tougher than others. There was a one-eyed, black cat with both back legs not working, limping around the campsite. Whining and dragging her skinny body, shivering. A sad story, a hard life. You would like to help, but how? On the third morning we found her dead in the bushes.

The campsite showers gets colder and colder, and a dog eats your food. Still, the evenings are warm in the bar or with a mug of wine in the kitchen shed. It’s not so bad after all, you think. But then you see someone walking around with your downjacket, which got stolen a year before. Makes you feel both sad and disappointed.

There is so much things happening, so much life going on and input, but you don’t have time right then to digest all that. Still you wish you’d remember, cause there is something you can learn.

Always something to learn.

And then, one day you feel the flow, you send your project. You meet some amasing people and are not alone. You are awake. For me too, lots of good moments. And now, I finally made my climb, I reached my goal. I feel it’s time to move on.

I’m ready to go home.


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