A night out

Posted On October 3, 2008

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We are waiting.

Three hours on the cold gravel,

White plastic chairs,

Round plastic tables.

Waiting to be free with the music.

Someone goes in and comes out,

Buying drinks to everyone.

It’s dark, stars on the sky,

Light goes on and off.

Someone has to move to keep it going.

Talk, small talk and impressive stories,

Trying to find out something of each other.

People are smiling,

Seeing the funniness in the evening.

The band can’t play forever!

Finally we get in to the warmth.

Buying drinks with the saved money,

Watching a wasted woman,

Spills beer on the table.

The band is done, it’s our turn!

Laugh on the dance floor,

The music gives you funny moves.

We are falling into the freedom,

Enjoying our five long minutes.

Music changes, floor gets empty.

People walk away.

It’s time to go home.



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