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Posted On September 24, 2008

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This is it.

My 3 month season in Jostedalen is over. It’s been a great season, thank you all so much! I’m very grateful to be part of the little community in the valley.

During these 90 days i worked 71.

I spend 26 days or evenings for climbing and bouldering. Unfortunately only 4 on the river.

All together I’ve been walking 388 km and biking 882 km. That is average 2 hours every day and moving 14 km every day. But of course, no day were the same. We were laughing with my visiting friends that it’s like a training camp to come to Jostedalen. But good fun too, the social life is excellent with entertaining and witty parties just getting better in the end of the season…
Now it’s time to rest a little bit, take it fairly easy for some weeks. Gotta ponder and digest the season and all the happenings, and then make plans for the winter.


One Response to “Season statistics”

  1. varpu

    Aivan upeet värit tuossa vuorivesikuvassa, mageeta!

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