Posted On August 28, 2008

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To live together with two sherpa is great fun. There is so much to learn from them! I share a house with Tshering and Jyamchang from Nepal, both guides on many beautiful mountains in Himalayas, including Everest. Their attitude and good spirit will infect and lighten your day.

One of their motto is: simple living, high thinking. It is good to appreciate all the small everyday things we so often take for given. Warm shower, food, kitchen and nice bed is already a lot. What else do we really need? Lots of time for personal growth and wisdom, to learn and be good to each other. Buddhism is their doctrine.

Many good stories and teachings to hear. And also, so many funny sayings whenever you meet them.

Ice is nice and nice eyes.

And yes, he was crazy, and somebody really killed nobody!



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