Posted On June 11, 2008

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On sunday, 1st of june, I was standing on the top of Denali in Alaska. At 1845. It was our 13th day on the mountain. The trip was a good experience and now I think I know if I like this expedition-life or not.

The restdays are great!

You sleep and rest and eat og sleep and drink and read and socialize and melt snow, and drink and read and eat and sleep and just enjoy. Wonderful days with lots of time to think. But the days you’re moving are quite hard work. The sledge is heavy and tippy, and your bags are heavy but up must you get. And you must breath a bit extra and go slowly. But then again, there will be a new restday after! So it’s not so bad either.

We had lots of good weather but a few nights were pretty cold. Maybe -30’c. Daytime I had maximum +49’c in my tent. Normally between +30-40’c. Pretty comfortable I can say. Maybe four days we were stuck because of stormy weather. All together our trip was good, some long and tiring days and even someone tells you to turn back you must listen to yourself and trust your own strenghts and courage.

Now it’s time to explore Alaska.



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  1. Varpu

    Kiva että oot palannut 🙂 Halauksia ja onnittelut huipun saavuttamisesta!

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