Anchorage now

Posted On May 19, 2008

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It is a spring in Alaska, nights are still cold but the sun is shining during the days but you can’t wear your shorts yet. We have been shopping for our trip, climbing gear, freeze dried food, tents, water bottles and all kind of extra little things we didn’t knew we need those until we saw them. Parking lots are huge here and shopping centers are open 24 hours a day. People are big and cars even bigger. Crazy place.

We have been staying in Arctic Adventure Hostel and now it’s time to get a bus to Talkeetna by them. Nice place with lots of other climbers. So we all are ready to go to the mountains, Steinar, Dave, Carl and me!

Plan is to meet the rangers in Talkeetna tonight and then fly to Kahiltna glacier as soon as possible, hopefully on tuesday. Me and Steinar have skis with us but Dave and Carl are using snowshoes to get the long glacier up.


5 Responses to “Anchorage now”

  1. Bjørnar

    God tur Urpu, hels til Steinar og sei at Kjell Kristian Rike har gått bort. Kjøp eit lett BD telt til meg når du kjem heim om du har plass..
    BD firstlight eller lighthouse..

    Ver forsiktige og bruk tau på breen!

  2. Bjørnar

    Hei igjen Urpu, eg hev lyst på BD Hilight telt!

  3. Bjørnar

    Hei Urpu,

    kan du kjøpe eit Black Diamond Hilight telt til meg om du har plass i sekken heimatt..?

    Vere forsiktige som sagt,


  4. varpu

    Terveiset täältä Halkiasta sinne Alaskaan ja liukkaita laskuja
    t. Varpu, Ilari ja Kero XXXXX

  5. Masa



    Kiva ku ilmoittelet itsestäsi. Olet siis elossa vielä 🙂
    Me täällä lasten kanssa katseltiin sun hienoja kuvia. Olet aika epeli ku tuollaisissa paikoissa hurjastelet.
    Täällä melkein kesä, pääskyset ovat ainakin tulleet ja koivussa täysi lehti. Talviturkki on heitetty jo moneen kertaan.
    Terkkuja kaikilta!

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