Posted On May 13, 2008

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Winter is over but there is still lots of snow up in the mountains. After 80 working days in Oppdal I went to Chãtel and Chamonix in the French alps for two weeks holiday. We did part of the Haute Route, some iceclimbing and rock climbing and skiing. It was beautiful time with flowers in the valleys but winter higher up.

Now I’ve moved out from my apartment in Oppdal and the summer in the van is waiting. I had to buy a new old VW van because Hope was too rusty.The new one is called “Onni” (Lucky, Lykken) or Höyfjellshotell since it’s printed on it.

Last week we did some skitouring in Romsdalen and Tresfjord before Josten på langs med Breförarlaget. Hours on the snow in the sun have definitely made some marks, and big new boots made my heels pretty sore. Now I have a few days time to pack my stuff and skis and make myself ready for a
trip to Alaska and Denali.


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