Winter in Oppdal

Posted On February 5, 2008

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Work work work…

Weeks are flying! Most of the days I wake up 8 am and walk those beautiful snowy four kilometers to Skishopen in Vangslia where I work as a skiinstructor and a helping hand. I follow the groomed cross-country track through farmlands and small birch-tree forests, and it takes up to one hour (depending how much snow there is…). It is a great start for a day. Fresh air, good exercise, nice view, a rising sun, time for thought, little birds and lots of footprints from hares and other animals.
It keeps myself connected.

Skishopen is run by the nice family of Strand, and they are great people to work for and with. We do ski rentals, ski service, ski shop and the ski school. If it’s quiet we go out and do some skiing, if it’s busy we work, usually six or seven hours. In the end of the day I walk or ski back home.

Evenings goes with newspapers, books, music and internet, planning new trips, visiting friends and socializing, eating salads and slurping tea. A simple life.

And tomorrow again.


One Response to “Winter in Oppdal”

  1. - masa -

    Hei U,

    Mitä kuuluu? Et ole kirjoitellut pitkään aikaan tänne.Käyn aina muutaman päivän välein tsekkaamassa oisko sinusta jotain, mutta hiljaista on ollut. Voisit vähän kertoa tekemisistäsi. Missä meet, mitä teet?

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