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From the Vipassana leaflet:

“Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques. Long lost to humanity it was rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Vipassanã means seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-purification by self-observation. One begins by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind. With a sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind, and experiences the universal truth of impermanence, suffering and egolessness. … it has nothing to do with any organised religion or sectarianism. For this reason, it can be practised freely by everyone, at any time, in any place, without conflict due to race, community or religion, and it will prove equally beneficial to one and all. .. practice is not limited to Buddhists.

Vipassana is a method of mental purification which allows one to face life’s tensions and problems in a calm, balanced way. It is an art of living that one can use to make positive contributions to society.”

My experiences:

It is hard work. During those ten days you go deep inside your own mind, it is an operation, and you have to face lots of things, good and bad. But even it is a tough course, the results are very valuable, not only for yourself but for the people around you as well! In all kind of situations you start being aware and equanimous, you stop reacting blindly to your arising feelings so they wont rule you anymore. You also understand that you yourself with your reacting are reason for your miseries, not the outside world. Vipassana will also help you to get rid off your self-centeredness and you really start care for other people, feeling compassionate love.

For everyone seeking peace and harmony in their lives I highly recommend!

Look for the courses near you at

May all beings be happy!


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  1. Anjana

    hey urpu
    this is a nice write up !!! i too treasure the experience 🙂

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