Posted On November 25, 2007

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After 19 nights in a tent and 17 nights under the clear Catalonian sky it was time to leave climbing in north-east Spain and fly out to a new place, Newcastle in UK. I swopped the outdoor life to indoor one and now I’m surrounded by people rather than trees, cars and buidlings insted of rocks and cliffs, what a contrast! But it’s nice to sleep in a proper bed again (thank you Ginny!).

So now I’ve heard about philosopher Hobbes at the university, had a nice but cold and windy walk to the coast, seen some amazing waves down there, been drinking beer in a park, eating cheese scones, found some old books at the library and gone to a reggae gigs, met nice people and a funny local geordie taxi driver. I’ve  even been city-bouldering on a real english sandstone at Jesmond Dene! Very good weekend in a town indeed.

Next week I’ll start Vipassana meditation course. Looking forward to the silence again.


2 Responses to “Newcastle”

  1. Jimmy

    Mandag 19.11 kl 03.25 kom den etter en rask kjøring til Ålesund 🙂
    Det ble en Arthur.

    Ha det fint i Skottland!


  2. Petri


    Hyvät englannit ja poikkea suomeen joulun alla jos ehdit!
    – täällä on kotona 4,5 vuotias pitkätukkatyttö joka haluaa ainakin liidauskiipeillä. Tykkää laskeutua ilmatietä ja joskus hyppii kolmosesta. Purjeveneen keulakuvana olo on mukavaa myös, mutta kerran kuului keulasta apua. Roikkui vantista ja pyysi apua kun ei itse päässyt ylös…

    Laiffii.. T. Petri

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