travels before travels

Posted On September 20, 2007

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Rain, rain and even more rain. This wet and wild, but still beautiful western Norway is showing what it’s best at: the rain. I’ve finished my work in Jostedalen and the glacier, now I’ll do some traveling in Norway before I travel down to the Alps and Spain. My car Hope is doing well. The trip from Jostedalen to Fure went fine and I had some cozy evenings at Johs and Frøydis green house at Furnes. Now I’m on my way to Sjoa and work couple of days at the river over there. There might be some snow up in the mountains but I hope the road is not closed! 


3 Responses to “travels before travels”

  1. varpunen

    Onnea matkaan! Voi olla kylmää joessa, mutta muistathan kastella turistit hyvin!!

  2. - masa -

    Toivottavasti Toivo on kestänyt. Ilmoittelehan itsestäsi aina silloin tällöin, että missäpäin kuljet milloinkin ja mitä on tapahtunut. Kiva näitä on lueskella, käyn katsomassa blogiasi useasti. Jatka samaaaan malliin…

  3. Nina

    Hei! Godt å lese om det endeløse regnet, i Canberra har vi ikke hatt regn på en måned… Fint balanse-bilde!

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